Thursday, April 21, 2011

The San Diego Investment Conference Presents the SDIC Green Capital Markets Forum

LA JOLLA, Calif., April 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The San Diego Investment Conference (SDIC) will hold its second quarter conference on May 6th and 7th at the Hyatt Regency, La Jolla Aventine, in San Diego, California.

SDIC ( Executive Director and founder, Patrick A. Howell, explains the capital market's conference theme as, "Green means, of course, clean technology and alternative energy but also, it signifies information technology, biotechnology, as in health, and America's economic renewal in Spring of 2011 with innovative companies. However, most of all, it symbolizes, Capitalism, capital formation and the almighty dollar in a global economy."

The keynote speaker will be Doug Smith, Founder and CEO of Village Green Global, recipient of OC Metro's Green Team Award. He will speak on the provisions of online monitoring and verification tools for demand side efficiency, GHG reduction and environmental behavioral change process. Doug Smith is a semi-finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year(R) 2011 Award in Orange County. Mr. Smith's keynote will be timely as California is at the forefront of the national global green renaissance with having recently passed the highest clean energy mandate in the nation.

Already in 2011's first quarter, the DOW, NASDAQ and S&P 500 show significant gains of approximately 5% YTD, Stock Mutual Funds have had their best quarter since 2006 and natural resources funds have soared. SDIC is seeing increased funding activity in the capital markets mirroring overall optimism and turnaround in the American economy.

SDIC expects a full capacity crowd with an investor community of broker dealers, angel investors, private equity funds from around the nation including San Francisco, Miami, Portland Oregon, Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles, the Inland Empire California, Orange County and Las Vegas.

Platinum Level Sponsor and Presenter Best Choice Software ( returns from March's Miami International Investment Conference ( with a 'dog and pony' luncheon and investor seminar on May 6th from 1:00 pm to 4:00 p.m. A partial list of the other presenting companies include:

Earth Wind and Solar whose mission is to develop its Solar Energy Producing Locations and innovative products into a profitable and ecologically friendly venture that will provide the Company and its shareholders with a steady stream of income from renewable energy production services, products, and a national network of electric vehicle recharging stations.

Golden Phoenix Minerals (OTCBB: GPXM) ( will be presenting on both May 6th and 7th at the Hyatt La Jolla Aventine. Golden Phoenix is focused on Royalty Mining in the Americas with gold, silver and strategic metals projects in the United States, Canada and Peru.

American Motor Products ( is a clean technology sales and marketing driven company providing automotive fleets with a "total solution" to affordably achieve their environmental impact goals and mandates.

Ovagene Oncology is a molecular level diagnostic research lab that with a tenured team of executives and physicians having worked together on from previous firm that won 7X earnings for investors. Ovagene recently opened a state of the art research lab in Orange County as well as secured a government grant for their research efforts.

Cap Flow Funding ( has been providing innovative financing solutions across the nation for small cap companies staffed with a tenured Wall Street team and successfully presented their fund at Private Equity Forum in March at the Yale Club.

TAEG's Plasma Arc Waste Management ( is returning from SDICs 21st Century Energy Conference in February as well as a recent trip to Ohio State by CEO Jim Quinlin who will disclose new developments.

Colombia Crest (TSXV: CLB; Frankfurt: EAT) ( is focused on the exploration and acquisition of large-scale porphyry-gold properties in Colombia, South America.

SDIC wants to thank its annual sponsors, Seale and Beers and Trinity Alternative Energy Group (TAEG). Athena Capital Partners will host the VIP Cocktail Reception at Michael's Lounge at the Hyatt La Jolla Aventine on Friday evening. Athena Capital Partners is a professional partner with pre-IPO investments in growth industries.

"We are also excited about the participation of Green Diamond Investment Relations (, Financial Strategies Group ( and veteran Wall Street Analyst Howard Stillman. SDIC's strategic partners will add significant value to the conference by providing third-person independent reports and prepping presenting company CEOs for their pitch," said Howell.

Howell concludes, "We also believe the utilization of PR Newswire offers a significant value add for our national investor community as the IR news service provides a one stop shop solution for total shareholder engagement and their online retail investor conferences are a significant complement to the traditional brick and mortar conference as SDIC and MIIC."

Door prizes are sponsored by Orbital Enterprises (OBLR. PK), Eaton Hill Winery, Best Choice Software and Charles D. Vollmer - best seller author of Jobenomics (

Brokers, Venture Capitalists and Accredited Investors Are Encouraged to Register to Attend the San Diego Investment Conference on Friday & Saturday, May 6th and 7th at their website

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Successful Investment Strategies

It seems that nearly everyone in the universe who manages investments these days seems to be looking for any and every advantage. Let’s be honest about our desire to be profitable in our current financial world, it is a tough environment out there. Like during the Old West gun fights where the participants would look for every advantage from having the sun at their backs to how they positioned themselves to limit target size in an attempt to insure their survival, so too is the world of investments.

Sometimes we are looking so hard for those advantages that we miss out on the very information we are searching for. In reality, it isn’t that hard if we look at the financial decisions that were made over the past decade in the investment arena. But some would remind you that the majority of those decisions were not good choices and that is true. The point being that they were choices where a direction had to be determined and acted upon. Sometimes our investing choices are not a certain stock is going to be a moneymaker but this particular stock cannot produce with the changes in market forces coming down the path over the next two years.

It is the colloquial glass half full vs. glass is half empty. This old saying, like investing, must be taken in context. For example, if you have half a glass of water and are running a marathon, the glass is half empty but if you are standing over your computer and about to spill the water then the glass is half full. So it goes with investing. Having stated this, at times it is as important (if not more so) to know when to get out of an investment than it is to get in.

So as investors we don’t necessarily need to know intricate details about every law and policy that come from Washington and your state capitol but understand the basics of how it will affect the market place and be able to apply free market principles to any given investment to get an idea of its long term value.

Things such as the supply and demand principle are important if you are looking at the situation in Egypt while considering commodities market and oil or investing in a renewable energy investment knowing oil prices are going up.

Perhaps we should save the best for last when it comes to strategies. Do your homework and be informed on the subject matter at hand but also live with personal dignity or gravitas each day. Yes, investing is important beyond words of description but you must also know or remember who you are and enjoy the things that life brings us. It helps to remember that long after we are gone, the world will go forward with great investment opportunities but you will be a better investor and person if you can appreciate the things in life that bring you joy.

Article by Lena Hunt of Celebritize You

Readers, please be aware that you are reading this blog of your own free will and that you are taking the information provided at your own risk. The information provided on these blogs are for entertainment purposes only and are not providing professional investing, finance, and legal advice. You are reading and/or using any of the information that you glean from this blog at your own risk.

Monday, February 28, 2011

La Miami Conferencia de Inversión Internacional es el eharmony de inversionistas conectadores con gerentes de carpeta y capitalistas de inversión

La Miami Conferencia de Inversión Internacional (MIIC) es el eharmony de inversionistas conectadores con gerentes de carpeta y capitalistas de inversión. Este partido hecho en el Cielo comenzara con Patrick A. Howell, Fundador y Director Ejecutivo de MIIC, y Raymond Oliver, Asesor de Banca Inversionista.

El este encuentra el Oeste que crea el saldo perfecto como Sr. Howell, de California, y Sr. Oliver, de Florida, ha completado el trabajo difícil de ser calificado oportunidades de inversión de muchos gerentes financieros, corredores de bolsa, certificó a planificadores financieros, analistas de investigación, y más. MIIC próximo será sostenido el 12 de marzo de 2011, proporciona una plataforma extraordinaria para negocios y compañías que desean la capital compartir la información y presentar su oportunidad de inversión a aquellos que miran para invertir. 

El MIIC proviene de la Conferencia de Inversión Internacional de San Diego, una conferencia conectada a una red viva acertada con miembros que han levantado millones en la nueva capital para surgir compañías de crecimiento.

Miami es la locacion para esta cede perfecta porque, como Raymond Oliver, el Director Ejecutivo de la Miami que la Conferencia Internacional declara, “Florida ha sido afectada con severidad por la economía estadounidense difícil. La creación de capital es en todo un tiempo bajo. Miami Internacional conducirá en aquellos esfuerzos con energía y vigor. Como la capital de costa del este caliente para nuestra nación al norte y como de facto la capital del sudamericano y el Caribe a la Miami del sur sirve como un centro comercial crítico. Damos la bienvenida a los desafíos delante para trabajar con nuestros líderes para provocar el cambio necesario que ayudará a América atrás a la prominencia dentro de la economía global.“ 

El Orden del día de Conferencia (Sujeto de cambiarse y orden del día final será proporcionado en la conferencia)

A las 8h30 – a las 9h00. 

Desayuno Continental Patrocinado por Opciones Seguras 

A las 9h30 – a las 12h00. 

Presentaciones Corporativas, Un en un Reuniones, Reuniones de Grupo 

A las 12h00 – a las 13h00. 

Almuerzo con Orador Invitado 

A las 13h00 hasta las 14h30. 

Recapitulación de compañía, Gestión de redes, Reuniones, Reuniones de Grupo 

Esperan a 150 asistentes para este acontecimiento antiguo increíble. No deje pasar esta oportunidad asombrosa. Aprenda más sobre el MIIC y regístrese ahora en 

Artículo por Lena Hunt de Celebritize You

Miami International Investors Conference. A menudo se considerea que Miami es “la Capital Comercial de las Américas” y un cubo mundial para comercio internacional y finanza.

Nacido en California del Sur soleada, la Conferencia de Inversión de San Diego (San Diego Investment Conference, SDIC sus siglas en ingles) ofrece la mejor plataforma para compañías para compartir y presentar oportunidades de inversión. El fundador y los informes de Director Ejecutivos Patrick A. Howell, “la Economía americana está en medio de una revitalización radical. Nunca tiene ser un banquero especialista en inversiones acertado, con éxito levantando la capital para pequeñas compañías de gorra sidas más patriótico.”

Cada dos meses, el agente de bolsa/distribuidores de FINRA, los banqueros especialistas en inversiones, los consejeros de inversión, los analistas, los gerentes financieros, financia a gerentes, las instituciones, los medios y los inversionistas acreditados se encuentran en San Diego  para gestión de redes y conferencias de comunicación usando esta plataforma única y más eficaz. Mucho éxito ha ocurrido de estas conferencias e informes de Fundador Patrick A. Howell de los acontecimientos de mercado de capital, "Casi 60 millones de dólares en la financiación de oportunidades vinieron de nuestra conferencia SDIC inaugural en diciembre, con más del 50 % de presentar compañías relatando un acontecimiento de financiación como un resultado directo de su presentación a nuestra conferencia y casi el 60 % relatando que ellos volverían para otro compromiso.

Ahora la conferencia acertadamente avanza a otra posición ideal – Miami, Florida. A menudo se considerea que Miami es “la Capital Comercial de las Américas” y un cubo mundial para comercio internacional y finanza. Con el  Aeropuerto Internacional de Miami, uniones en todas partes de los EE. UU, América Latina, Europa, y Asia tiene la ciudad empapada por sol en cuenta para ser la ciudad de anfitrión para oficinas comerciales y consulados de más de sesenta países.

Esta locacion perfecta para la reunión de líderes innovadores, enérgicos encenderá el fuego, que llevara a nuestro país  de nuevacuenta  a la economía global. Eden Roc lujoso, histórico, pasando por alto  aguas azules caribeñas y arenas de clolor blancas recibirá el debut de  Miami para la  próxima Conferencia de Inversión Internacional (MIIC) el 12 de Marzo de 2011.

Este acontecimiento emocionante es hecho posible por un negocio en participación por Sr. Howell y Asesor de Banca Inversionista, Raymond Oliver de Orlando, Florida. Esta es la esperanza que América necesita y la oportunidad que  ha estado esperando como inversionistas acreditados y red alta digna inversionistas, empresarios, inventores, y los innovadores vienen juntos en un acontecimiento conectado a una red asombroso. Hablar y asegurar oportunidades de inversión, financiar compañías de arranque, reanimar la economía americana, y ayudar a construir el sueño americano otra vez. Éstos son los objetivos para lai Conferencia de Inversión Internacional Miami 2011.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reading the Tea Leaves in Smart Investing Practices

MIIC at Eden Roc, 3/12/11
The old adage about reading tea leaves (where when you read tea leaves, you have the ability to foretell fortune is the belief behind this) implies that the one at the rudder has experienced both successes and failures as they have piloted through the decisions in life that they had control over. It is the same thing with the financial rudder that requires a steady hand in difficult and stormy economic seas. Like reading tea leaves, when surveying investment opportunities there are often no hard and fast rules that guide the shrewd investor, but a totality of their work and professional experiences.

So then you understand it is a compilation of all the events in our investment experiences that separates the competent investor from the exceptional investor. For example let’s look at the most recent experience we just lived through, although many people would tell you that their investment portfolio and other retirement plans didn’t live through the last bubble bust and has been ruptured away into money heaven for it is no longer to be found here on this earth.

As history has shown us, the market is constantly going through surges and then corrections. The key is to have the ability to read the events that are presently taking place and invest accordingly. For example, many of us were living the good life from 1995 through 2006 and remember that those who were “in the know” were telling us that we had another good seven to ten years before the corrections would kick in.
Looking back now, we realize that there were signs and tea leaves that screamed otherwise. For example, the government sponsored sub prime loans went against any reasonable logic. There were a few wise investors who rightly predicted the collapse of the housing market because of this. In other words, they could read the tea leaves.

Now let’s look at some of the tea leaves in the financial tea cup before us right now. We have the Middle East in an uproar and no one knows how it will shake out. Could the extremist gain control of, say, the majority of the countries in play, what will oil prices do? Could the tea leaves be telling us to invest in oil and gas companies here at home? As we have begun to move to clean fuels we have turned to things like natural gas to generate power and, thus, maybe the tea leaves could be telling us that we should be investing in pipeline companies that will be needed to address some of our major needs in the future. Then all these forces are building to what could be called a financial perfect storm in the near future, which by most wise counsel would say the tea leaves are calling us to invest in renewable energy.

The one thing that the tea leaves are indeed telling you is that the best place to find the top financial opportunities are in Miami on March the 12th at the Miami International Investors Convention. This convention, which has been put together by two exceptional investment minds namely Raymond Oliver and Patrick Holland, who have assembled ten great investment opportunities in the form of companies that fit within what the tea leaves are telling us, namely companies in the pipeline, bio techs, consumer products, clean tech, renewable energy, oil and gas as well as the usual always profitable technology sectors. These are where the wise money is located.

As for your personal cup of tea, do you prefer one lump of sugar or two? Either way you want your tea during this investors event at the Eden Roc Resort, this will be a sweet event for investing.

Learn more about this one-day opportunity event of a lifetime and register now by visiting

Article by Lena Hunt of Celebritize You

Readers, please be aware that you are reading this blog of your own free will and that you are taking the information provided at your own risk. The information provided on these blogs are for entertainment purposes only and are not providing professional investing, finance, and legal advice. You are reading and/or using any of the information that you glean from this blog at your own risk.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Miami International Investment Conference – The Perfect Pairing of investors with portfolio managers and investment capitalists

Raymond Oliver, Florida, pairs with Patrick A. Howell, California, in creating MIIC
The Miami International Investment Conference (MIIC) is the eharmony of connecting investors with portfolio managers and investment capitalists. This match made in Heaven started with the perfect pairing of Patrick A. Howell, Founder and Executive Director of MIIC, and Raymond Oliver, Investment Banking Consultant.

East meets west creating the perfect balance as Mr. Howell, from California, and Mr. Oliver, from Florida, have completed the hard work of getting qualified investment opportunities for the many financial managers, stockbrokers, certified financial planners, research analysts, and more. The upcoming MIIC will be held on March 12, 2011, provides an extraordinary platform for businesses and companies desiring capital to share information and to feature their investment opportunity to those who are looking to invest.

The MIIC stems from the San Diego International Investment Conference, a successful live networking conference with members having raised millions in new capital for emerging growth companies.

Miami is the “just right” location for this perfect pairing because, as Raymond Oliver, Executive Director of the Miami International Conference states, “Florida has been affected severely by the difficult U.S. economy. Capital creation is at an all time low. Miami International will lead in those efforts with energy and vigor. As the warm east coast capital for our nation to the north and as a de facto capital of South American and the Caribbean to the south Miami serves as a critical business center. We welcome the challenges ahead to work with our leaders to spark the needed change that will help America back to prominence within the global economy.

Conference Agenda  (Subject to change and final agenda will be provided at the conference)

8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
Continental Breakfast Sponsored by Secure Options

9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Corporate Presentations, One-on-One Meetings, Group Meetings

12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Lunch with Guest Speaker

1:00 p.m. until 2:30 p.m.
Company recap, Networking, One-One Meetings, Group Meetings

150 attendees are expected for this incredible one-day event. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Learn more about the MIIC and register now at

Article by Lena Hunt of Celebritize You

Readers, please be aware that you are reading this blog of your own free will and that you are taking the information provided at your own risk. The information provided on these blogs are for entertainment purposes only and are not providing professional investing, finance, and legal advice. You are reading and/or using any of the information that you glean from this blog at your own risk.